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Finally, Bermuda!

The "day" started out with me and the rest of Midships having our last 12-4 watch. We tried out steering with the emergency rudder, ate pancakes and listened to our watch leader when he read the last part of a book that we had read during our whole trip.

When i woke up later in the day we had already come to Bermuda and I was late to my face check. After lunch we left Gunilla and we started to explore Hamilton. First of all we found a place with WiFi where we called our families and friends. Then some friends and I went to a supermarket where we found Swedish ginger bread. Hamilton was full of gift shops, coffee shops and restaurants so we sat down in a coffee shop and bought some muffins.

After that we wanted to go swimming. It was not very warm but the clear blue water was tempting. We went back to Gunilla and got our swimsuits and then started to walk to the closest beach. It was an interesting walk right next to a road where the cars went super fast.

All the houses that we walked by were very colorful and everywhere we looked there were these big, red flowers. We stopped when a screechy voice said Hello. First, we couldn't see where it came from but later we saw a small green parrot on top of a roof.

When we got to the water we were mesmerized by the environment. We had to walk on a small road in the forest to get all the way to the beach. We stayed there for about an hour before we started returning to Hamilton.

When we got back be bought some KFC and went to a park next to the water where we ate our dinner. Then we went back to Gunilla where we meet up all the other and talked about our days before going to bed.

Torkel Eilard, Midships, 2023-04-26


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