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First day!

”Montego Bay in sight!” was the first words I heard this morning as we got woken up for our watch. Since we have the 8-12 watch one of our tasks is to take the boat into harbor.

Today my job was to steer Gunilla into harbor. We arrived at ten o’clock and as soon our captain gave his okey for us to explore this new and exciting city we headed to the customs terminal and aimed for the beach. Outside the terminal stod several taxis with their drivers shouting at us to take their cab into town but we replied with that we will walk, they laughed at us and told us that it is too far to walk. But confident as we are we walked along a larger main road towards downtown Montego Bay. For every step we took we realized how far away the harbor is located from the town and therefor we decided to grab a taxi along the road.

We went to a supermarket to buy some food and snack and planned to stay at the beach all day. There are several nice beaches along the Montego Bay shoreline and we thought that we found a small but cozy and beautiful beach at the far end. This was what we had been waiting for and everyone was in their best mood. After an hour or so a loud and noisy sound started to get closer to us but we could not figure out where it came from. Then an huge airplane hovered almost above us and landed next to the beach and we realized that the city airport was located just behind the beach, so much for a quiet day at the beach. But everybody seemed to enjoy it anyway. It was a nice first day!

Oscar Gedda



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