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First day at sea

Today is our first whole day at sea after our fantastic stay in Reykjavik.

During our watch we were reminded that it’s been a while since we last sailed – many of us felt a little bit seasick. I was what we call backis, which means that I helped the chef in the kitchen and it was not paradise every minute of it. We cooked the lunch which was salmon and potato salad and served it to the rest of the hungry crew. Everyone seemed to like it which felt good because we really put our heart and soul into the meal. Even though we’re a little bit seasick I feel that we all look forward to sail and work during our watches.

Since we don’t have any lessons the first whole day at sea me and my roommates took a well-deserved nap after our seemingly never ending day-watch. After waking up I felt a little bit groggy and did something quite unusual at sea, I watched a movie. To my great surprise it was How to train your dragon 3 and not the first movie which I’ve already seen. So far I can definitely recommend the movie. I’m very thankful and glad that we have a few movies downloaded on the network onboard to watch during our free time (I’ve already seen four out of ten of them).

Until next time

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