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First day at sea, for the last time...

Today we left the harbor of Lisbon and we are now sailing for the last time this trip.

The first day at sea after a week at harbor is always a special. We have to adjust to the rolling, and also to our new time schedules. The first day is usually fun because it’s different from being at harbor and we haven’t gotten tired of it yet.

Today were especially fun because we all got to bathe from the boat. The water were about 15 degrees but still almost everyone jumped in. Short after that we had a “man over board” practice, which means that we took down all the sails and turned around to pick up the lifebuoy that simulated a person over board. We learned that we are too slow and that we have to practice more in order to be able to save someone.

Other than that the first day at sea for the last time were just as normal as all the other first days at sea.

Hedvig, midships


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