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First day in Cadiz

Today I was woken up by midships. After breakfast and putting on my clothes I was ready for watch. It was a calm seaday because we were going into Cadiz port. My watch is between 04-08 in the morning, after my watch I was tired, I fell asleep.

Later I woke up by the nasty sound of the bow thruster. The sound and the vibrations were all over the ship and it was impossible to go back to sleep. To lunch the kitchen made fish soup, it was good. After lunch starboard and port watch had free watch. Me and some friends went to explore the city, the city is not big but big enough. I saw some nice and beautiful streets of Cadiz. Later at the walk we found a supermarket, we bought some chips and soda and went of to the long beach at Cadiz. The beach is around 5 km long. Later after some searching, we found a good place to relax all day long. The weather was awesome, 25 degrees and the sun was strong. The sea was also kind of warm, maybe 22 degrees.

It was 18.00 and everyone was hungry. We went to eat, we wanted tapas. After a short walk we found a restaurant and the specific thing with the restaurant was that they were showing soccer. Me and three guys stayed at that restaurant and the rest of the group left to eat at a tapas restaurant. Me and the other boys sat down and order burgers and a soft drink. The soccer match ended even, 2-2. Right after the match was finished, we payed and started walking to the boat, on our way to the boat we found a supermarket. I bought m&m´s.

21:30 we came onboard Gunilla again. Later that night I was calling some friends to see how it is at home. After that I was tired and decided to sleep.

Not far left on the trip, see you soon.

Erik Högberg

Starboard watch


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