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First day off the boat!

We arrived two days ago and yesterday we spent an entire day getting to know the boat again since we basically had forgotten it all.

 But today we were allowed off the boat and me and about twelve other people took the bus to Fort Lauderdale beach. After an hour or so sunbathing and swimming in the salty ocean I and two friends got tired of the beach and decided to check out Fort Lauderdale downtown. We asked A LOT of people about which bus to take and they all said bus 40 but once we were on we asked the driver and he told us we were on the wrong bus. I came to realize that people (rich people) in Miami don’t take the bus. Everyone has their own car and doesn’t even know how to get to the city central with local traffic.

Anyways, after about two hours of riding different busses people told us would take us to the city central we finally decided to walk there and that was a good decision because just a quarter later we ended up on Las Holas, Fort Lauderdale’s hippest street. There we found ourselves a very expensive, but very tasty falafel. Afterwards we went back to the beach and stayed there until the sunset.

It was a really fun day and even though I would never recommend anyone to spend their money and free time on a holiday in Fort Lauderdale it was still fun to have seen it!

// Nora


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