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First day on the ship

Today was our first day on the ship. We arrived at Malaga airport last night and took a bus to Gunilla.

The plan for the day was to get familiar with the ship after a long break from it.

We started with assembly on the deck at 10:00 and got divided into six groups. We followed a circle schedule with six stations. At the stations, we refreshed our minds about things like safety, and cooking aboard. Today we finished four or the six stations. Tomorrow our group will climb in the rigg and do something more but I’ve unfortunately forgotten what it is. After we were done with the ordinary schedule we had an assembly on deck and our captain announced that we had to change port. I did not think so much about this until we arrived at the new harbor. The boat rolled more at the new port and you could tell that on a lot of people who got seasick. Now the clock is 22:30 and we are all really tired and need to load our batteries until tomorrow. All together we had a really good first day aboard Gunilla and I look forward to the coming days when we will sail to Madeira.

Ludvig Jernmark Burrows Nas 1922 16/12 – 21


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