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First day out at sea

We left Charleston at 10 am this morning. It felt a little sad to leave this nice city, but I feel pretty finished with it.

Frankly, Charleston is a very nice and beautiful city but there isn´t too much to do. After walking around the center of the city more times than I can count and visiting the same stores and parks countless times, I feel pretty ready to leave this city so that we can see something new. I also felt pretty excited to get back out at sea, although I´m not too excited about the boat starting to sway again and the waves going high, but hopefully we´ll have some more luck with the weather this time. I feel like we´ve had our fair share of bad weather, so I think we deserve some nice weather this time.

Before leaving we did some last-minute work on the boat. Painted and washed the boat to get her ready to leave port. We left Charleston without any problems, but right after we had left the crew realized that the people that had fixed our sails hadn´t given back all the material that we had borrowed them, so the stuff had to be brought out to us. We circled around for awhile waiting before we could finally leave Charleston behind us for good.

The weather this first day has been really nice. The sun has been shining the entire day and it´s been nice and warm. Therefor most people have been spending the day outside, enjoying the weather. But even though the weather has been nice and warm, the winds haven´t been to good so we weren´t able to sail anything in the morning. But in the afternoon the winds got a little stronger, so we were able to get some sails up. It´s been a great first day overall and I´m looking forward to more days like this one. The weather reports are promising so hopefully the trip over to Bermuda will be relatively calm. I´m really excited about arriving at Bermuda, but right know I´m just looking forward to a week at sea and some nice sailing.

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