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First free guard in Tenerife

Today is the second day in Tenerife's port. Today included an emotional story, a failed surfing attempt, a beautiful beach, excellent food, and great company.

Today I started off with being ”purrad” (against my will) by waking up earlier than everyone else to prepare a good and lovely breakfast for everyone on board. However, many would probably say that the breakfast is quite dull or not varied. The breakfast is delicious and well stocked with the right ingredients, and you get an excellent start to the day without having to be hungry right when you go on your watch. You remain stably measured until the next meal that will be served.

After the long-awaited breakfast was removed, it was time for the daily line up. But the adventure of this day didn’t end with breakfast. No. Just a few minutes after the line up, Anne-Li told a very emotional and incredibly inspring story about her upbringing/ childhood in ”Stora mässen” that made me and probably everyone in the room got a thought about how good our lives really are. Everyone needs to start thinking about helping and supporting each other, be grateful for what you have in the life you live and ignore what you can not change, and instead focus on the things you can change and do as well as possible.

When the story was finished, and we have pondered a bit inside our heads, it was time for an excursion across the landscape of Tenerife. To get up on the other side and settle down on a beautiful beach, with black grains that stretched as far as the eye could reach and together with thewater that was bluer than the color itself, it was, It was an unbelievable view. We were set on a goal with this excursion, and it was to surf, but the rental was not on our side, and it was unfortunately closed for us. But we thought that we are still on this beautiful side so we can take the opportunity to enjoy the beach and the view, even though we did not get to experience surfing on the perhaps most suitable waves for us beginners. We had a lovely day at the beach with good food in our stomachs. This time we took an Indian take away that we could enjoy to a beautiful sunset on the beach and with friends who can share and remember these memories of us when we tried to surf without a surfing board.

I’m glad we are in Tenerife now, but at the same time, I am excited about heading off from Tenerife. I hope we got a fair and fun time here, but I think it was not what I exactly wanted. We are here to travel and see the world. Learn about as much as we can, meet as many people, and enjoy the time we spend here. Through our eyes in our way, not the eyes of tourists and that are exactly what we should do this week. Overall, I hope everything will be useful, and I hope we got many fun memories from every port we visit and are visiting like Tenerife now. Like a tattoo or five. Or some volleyball with strangers, new surfing skills, new clothes and souvenirs, and more accidents by running on the vague streets of the night and hitting both knees and hands. Oh, I can not forget about the incredible nature and landscapes each port offers in the cities, in the countryside and up in the mountains.

- See you later alligator.

// Philip Lund Sab2023


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