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First full shift on Gunilla

Cleaning, cleaning, learning about Gunnilla’s sails and more cleaning. It sounds dull, but every chore that is boring at home, is fun on Gunilla :)

Today my guard group,”midskepps” had guard duty. The day started at 7 am, with breakfast. After the regular morning lineup on deck we learned how to hang up the tamps, it took a few tries before it looked good. We also learned about Gunilla’s sails. In total, Gunilla has eighteen sails. Some of the sails are called mesan, fock, storbram and yttreklyvare. We also went up in the rig for a short amount of time, so we could all see all of the sails from a more direct point of view. Then we had lentil stew with rice for lunch, it didn’t look very flattering, but it tasted like heaven. With new strength in our bodies, we went out to scrub the deck. To make it even more fun, we sang songs together. When the deck was spotless we also cleaned the entire boat on the inside.

I just got out from the shower and I’m starving. The last meal of the day is meatballs with potatoes and onion sauce. Later this evening, at half past eight, I will guard the boat for 2 hours and then I can finally sleep. I have been tired the entire day so I am really looking forward to sleeping after my guard.

Tomorrow is the last full day in Ponta Delgada, we leave the dock on Saturday morning. Then we will sail non stop for twelve days until we arrive at Plymouth. So tomorrow I’m going to stack up with sweets and chips, otherwise I won’t survive. I hope the weather is good tomorrow, because I feel like I have to see the view from a big mountain before I leave the island. Two days ago we were at a lookout, but we couldn’t see anything due to the fog.

I’m crossing my fingers that it will be a sunny and clear sky tomorrow, so I can see the beautiful view of the landscape I saw on google before the trip.

Agnes Björnberg



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