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 First sight of land in sixteen days

If we wanted, we even could communicate with someone on the shore, but unfortunately we can’t go ashore and explore the multimillion worth island.

It has been nice with a little schedule change today, since it’s been over two weeks at sea. At the moment, we are anchoring next to the most expensive island in the world – it is for sale for 100 million US dollars. Unfortunately we can’t discover the island because we’re not permitted to go ashore land by our agency, they have to see our declaration papers. But we are glad to be here anyway.

“Here Y, Here Y” as our captain always starts his information in the speakers with. Today has been a day of swimming, getting suntanned and eating hamburgers with fries as there’s been no lessons. The guitar has been up on deck all day as well, various people have showed their talent. I both got burnt by the sun and got burnt by something in the water, so Johannes fetched some soda water to pour on my feet.

Later in the evening, a group of seven people went up the rig to watch the sunset, but we went down after two hours. We tried to play hide and seek under deck but we got bored and watched a movie instead. Ugh, teenagers nowadays.

Sixteen days is a long time. Though somehow it feels like it’s only been one day on repeat: Eat, sleep, study, repeat. It has been nice, in a way calming, because we can’t do anything else than take our time studying etcetera.

Tomorrow we’ll sail to Grenada for real, only the thought of getting off the boat and taking a walk is exciting.

Alicia Borg, Midships watch


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