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First steps in Mexico

A few days ago our little Gunilla team sailed our way to Mexico. With lots of wind in the sails and tons of teamwork we made it here two days ahead of schedule.

During 48 hours we've been laying alongside Mexico, longing for this day. The day of arrival at port. As the routine go, everyone who is free for the first day takes an extra long shower, scrubbing of the hard work of the days by sea.

Fresh and finally in Mexico I believe we all felt very excited during the morning-meeting on main-deck, just waiting to see another new town. From the tip of the pier me and some others managed to hitch-hike our way to the center of the town. It wasn't a long ride with the car but for a few minutes I felt as days had passed since we left Gunilla. There always seems to be this same feeling when you come to a new port. At the same moment you set foot on new grounds you leave the Gunilla-kind-of-lifestyle behing you. You forget everything about the comfortable simplicity of working all days, the constant interrupted sleeping-schedule and the very appreciated coffe-breaks. From the first step in a new country you're just an excited 19-year-old on an epic trip with your good freinds. This contrast between lifestyles is what I love about TS Gunilla.

When we reached Progreso we directly headed to the bus-station to come to Merida, the bigger city 33 km away. There, we strolled among colorful buildings, fruit-markets and flourishing trees. We bought snacks, visited shops and ate mexican food such as guacamole and quesadillas. After this long, tiring but absolutely lovely trip to Merida I now get to lay down in my tiny, tilting bed. Even though I know that tomorrow will be a day filled with 12 hours of work I find some peace of mind knowing that the days on the boat with my small crew can be just as fun as the days in port descovering new countries.

Thanks Gunilla, for having such a wide-range of abilities.

Portside, Fanny


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