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Flying fish VS. Bird

Today when I had watch I saw a thrilling fight between a flying fish and a bird. Soon I’m going to tell you about the fight but first you need some pregame facts.

Flying fish

Description: A fish with wings that is a really good flyer and swimmer. It lives in harmony with the sea.

Gender: Unknown

Colour: Blue/Gray

Length: 25cm

Weight: 300g

Strengths: Can easily hide under water

Weaknesses: Easy to see from above


Description: A hungry bird that loves to eat fish and it is not afraid of taking any measures to catch one.

Gender: Male

Colour: Black

Length: Wing span of 60cm

Weight: 5kg

Strengths: Able to fly high and got a great sight

Weaknesses: Hard to hide itself

The bird came flying from the horizon. There was a shoal of flying fishes swimming and flying near Gunilla. When the bird saw the flying fishes it started to circulate above them. At this point the flying fishes had no clue of the danger they were exposed. The bird noticed that one flying fish was a little bit slower than the others and thought that one would be an easy victim. The bird took advantage of the flying fishes lack of attention to the sky and observed the flying fish for a while. After 5 minutes the bird made its first attack. The bird dived and hunted the flying fish along the water’s surface. The flying fish flew away quickly and dived under the water which made it impossible for the bird to reach it. The bird went up in the air and started to circulate again and waited for the flying fish to make a mistake. The following minutes were really tense and the bird was really concentrated at trying to locate the flying fish but there was no sight of the flying fish. A couple of minutes after the flying fish made a huge mistake and started to fly along the watersurface. The bird reacted fast and started to fly towards the flying fish in high speed. The flying fish noticed that the bird was attacking and tried to dive under the water, but it was too late. The bird was too fast and it succeeded to catch the poor flying fish with its mouth. The bird stopped and sat down on the water surface and started to eat its well earned dinner. I really saw that the bird enjoyed its meal that it fought so long for. The shoal of flying fish just kept on swimming and flying like they didn’t care that one of their friends just got killed.

Actually I don’t think that the bird liked having an audience because after he had eaten up he flew over me and pooped on my leg.

Game result: 1-0 to the bird.

Filip Åkersten, starboard


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