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Food is my lifesaver today

This night has not been my best night to be honest, is been a lot of waves so the boat is moving constantly and sometimes it sounds like the boat is going to break.

It has also been very hot in our cabin every night so I had a hard time sleeping. But to see it from the bright side we are sailing to Jamaica and I look forward to it. Also we are eating tacopie for dinner and chocolate brownie because it is Maja's birthday and she picked this food for today, and I am not complaining.

On our shift we do not have a lot to do because of the wind coming from the wrong direction so we are not sailing for now, we are playing different board games to make the time pass faster. An other way to make the time pass faster is pranking each other, for example throwing wet paperballs or take out your friends bed out of their cabin and but it on the table in the “Big mess”. Some people like it more then others but I think it makes the time here a more fun, but I am afraid if they come up with something to prank me, but I guess you just have to start a war then.:)))



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