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Four layers

Hello everyone at home who surely wonders what we’ve been doing and what we are doing during this long voyage. I could write about everything that has happened but both my memory and the blogs limited length stops me. I will therefore only write about today, the 27th of April.

For us, who are in the port watch, the day ironically started with our night-watch after we had been woken up at 11:30 pm. At the watch-switch at midnight we sang for Stella who turns 19 years old today. Congrats!

I was a part of the watch on deck, this watch we didn’t do much other than being on the verge of getting frost bite, clean the laundry room and learning about the compass and magnetic fields from our second officer.

We’re getting closer and closer to the North and the temperature is sinking with roughly one degree each day which is a noticeable change. It’s necessary to have at least four layers of clothes on both the upper -and lower-body to get through the watch alive, or at least feeling alive.

Beside the cold everything’s good according to me. We have a lot of fun together and it’s noticeable that everybody feels much more secure and sure of the sailing which of course makes the whole trip more fun because you understand what you’re doing.

Personally I also feel that the trip has gotten twice as wonderful now that I’m not seasick anymore. The lack of sea sickness has humbled me and I hope that it will stay this way.

I hope you all are well! Best wishes, Livia port watch.


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