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Free time in Tampa

The day started as everyone else with a stable breakfast, a plate of oatmeal porridge, and three cooked eggs along with a glass of milk is a good start to the day.

After that, it was time for the tire set. The clock was 10 pm and I together with three others went to an aquarium. There were extremely many fascinating animals there but the animal that interested me most was a very cool fish with wonderful colors of neon blue and purple, which made it almost shine in the water.

The Aquarium was as said interesting in many ways but the day did not end there, we decided to take a Uber and so it became. We had received some ideas to visit a second-hand store called GoodWill. There I barged for a beige short-sleeved flannel shirt that suited me perfectly. After a while, we were so hungry having checked our clothes, therefore, we needed to eat something. After a moment, we finally decided to eat at the restaurant Applebee’s. The restaurant was really as you imagine that it should be in America there were rounded tables with older designs on all furniture and furnishings. I ate a typical dish for the place: a chicken burger with deep fries and a large diet drink as they call it. The food in the USA is something I had never been able to imagine. Compared to Sweden, the portions are doubled if not tripled. If you should take the drink, you get a liter instead of 33 centiliters.

After the great meal, it was almost so you rolled out the door. Maybe not really so but close thereto. In any case, we had a stop before we would head home to the boat namely WallMart which is a gigantic supermarket. The store had everything, but as I said there are no small portions offered. After a quick purchase, we returned to the boat and we were back right for dinner. The dinner consisted of fish, mashed potatoes, and dill sauce, or Elsa said Caribbean fish, almost like the Swedish cod, with magic mashed potatoes and a delicious dill sauce.

The last thing that would be implemented during this amazing day was to run along with Adam and Emil, it became a total distance of about 1 mile and it was a very nice workout afterward I took a shower before I ended up in my bed to sleep.

A little thought today is about how Americans can eat huge portions of food and drinks. I am a big guy but the food served is something out of the ordinary.

Finally, I just want to say that I hope all of you at home are well and that you do not miss us too much.

- See you later, alligator.



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