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Friday the thirteen

Today are the day before we head off to Cape Verde. Today included some smaller accidents and last preparations for the following seven days. So tomorrow it will be seven days till we arrive. Seven days of hard work and hopefully some laughs too.

Today started off with a Lucia train. But not an ordinary one.
No, Gunilla style deluxe. We had not one but two Lucias. Two
Christmas tress with full on decoration mode. Quite a few Santas and even the
president of the USA, Mr Donald Trump joined us this very early morning
too celebrate Lucia and put some smiles on a few faces.

After a breakfast with Tomtegröt, which was a nice change to the oatmeal we
usually get was it time for the daily line up. But the niceness of this day didn’t end with breakfast. No. We made gingerbread cookies. It was very cosy and we had a good time. While the making of ginger whales and other shapes was full on. Gunilla started to shake, the electricity went out and Gunilla was in a
splash back to the water. (Even if this process took a few
hours). Due to this long process and that it was Friday the thirteen it was decided that we wasn’t to leave until tomorrow instead. So for the rest of the day, preparations was made for the following week and it was a nice and peaceful day.

Considering it was Friday the thirteen not too many accidents happened. Only one nosebleed, a broken plate and two broken glasses. I’m glad we are heading off from Gran Canaria. We had a good and fun time here but it wasn’t what many of us wanted. We are here to travel and see the world. Learn about as much as we can, meet as any people and enjoy the time we spend here. Trough our eyes in our way, not eyes of a tourist and that exactly what we did this week. But overall it was good and we have many fun memories from this place now. Like a tattoo or five. Or some volleyball with strangers, new surfing skills, yellow hats and a sandstorm. Oh I can’t forget about the donkey in the mountains.

- See you later alligator.
// Anonym.


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