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From paradise to foul weather and seasickness

Yesterday we left Tobacco Caye. I think I speak for everyone when I say that it quite literately was paradise. Today on the other hand the situation is quite different.

We left the island as bad weather was coming in. As soon as everyone was onboard, we pulled the anker and began to set sail towards Progresso. Because we went to sea so soon after everyone was onboard, the ones of us that get seasick and take pills did not have the time to let these kick in which made many of us seasick from the get-go. To make matters worse the bad weather we left the Island for had caught up with us and we were going straight against it without any sails. This quick and jolting rocking motion did not help our cause.

Ever since we left the weather has been nothing like it had been up till now. Previously we had sunshine and wind. Now we had hard gusts of wind and a huge amount of rain. Many of us were not expecting this kind of weather in the Caribbean and thus have been very wet.

Today the weather finally has begun to clear up, but we are still sailing against the wind which ends up rocking the boat a lot. Therefore, many of us are tired and there is not the same amount of energy in the group but nonetheless we are still hanging in there.

Andreas Brandt Midships.


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