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Fruit and plants

Today we all went on a guided tour of the eastern part of Madeira. The day before I was on the western part. So, when we leave Madeira tonight, I have been all over the island and seen what the island has to offer.

We leave Madeira tonight and tomorrow morning we will arrive to another island, Porto Santo. The nature on Madeira is something special, some parts of the island is dryer and looks like the savannah and other parts looks more like rainforest. You can go one hikes along the Levada, the irrigation system on Madeira. You can go to the beach either with black pebbles or sand brought to Madeira from Morocco.

We visited a market where you could buy many different passionfruit. I bought a banana-passionfruit, a tomato-passionfruit, a pineapple-passionfruit and a normal passionfruit. My favourite one is probably the pineapple one, it tastes like a normal passionfruit but it has a sweeter taste to it. Trying different fruits in different countries is a thing a like a lot, just eating fruits in warmer countries is something special. The fruit always tastes better when it has ripened on the plant itself and not been picked before like the fruit we have in Sweden. We also visited a lookout point where you could buy leeks and seeds, I bought six different leeks and seeds and got a seventh for free. My plan is to plant them when I come home in about two weeks’ time. The leeks and seeds are typical Madeiran plants. Hopefully the plants can grow big I my garden even though I don’t live in a warm country.

Sanna Friman


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