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Furling and farmers tan

Now we have spent our second day onboard Gunilla, here in Cádiz. Slowly but steadily we are getting more trained and fitted for the ship.

Today we took one step closer to be ready to cast off and travel further to Gibraltar, because we have learned to furl and unfurl the sails. That means taking up an and down the sails. For some it was a mental close-to-death-experience, but I actually thought it was really exciting. Of course, I was nervous at the beginning because furling includes both climbing in the mast and on the yards. A thing I didn´t know before I attended Öckerö was that you are not secured while climbing in the masts on Gunilla. At first I thought this was totally insane. I still think it is a bit intimidating, but I guess I will get used to it with the time. Of course you are secured when you are standing on the yards, but while you are climbing and moving upwards, you never secure yourself with the harness. So remember to stay focused if you don't want to fall down on the deck!

Besides practising furling the sails, I have also checked off a few items on the bucket list of things I needed to do here in Spain. First of all we shared a big traditional paella with saffron, mussels and shrimps. It was delicious! We have also walked along the sea shore in the evening with ice creams melting in the warmth, in our hands. When talking about the warmth, I have no reasons at all to complain at the weather. Today it has been around 29 degrees, and the sun has been shining bright all day long. Many of us have got a really nice farmers tan on our pale Swedish skins. We have also got tan lines from sandals, and the sun burn you get while having keen-sandals is the most beautiful burn you can get.

That was all I had to say about our second day on Gunilla!

Tyra Wigren, starboard watch


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