Öckerö gymnasium

Gibraltar or Sweden, who knows?

My day started when I was woke at 2.15 this morning. Someone, I did not comprehend who peeked their head in thorough the curtains and told me I had guard duty in 15 minutes. For the two minutes I had to spare before dragging myself out of bed I thoroughly contemplated my lives choices. At 2.30 I was dressed in all of my clothes fearing the weather above. Right I was since the wind was wailing and all of my clothes still wasn’t enough to keep me warm. When the clock turned 6.30, I went back to bed, only to be woke half an hour later for breakfast. With only four hours of sleep, I was delighted when reminded of the imminent school visit that today had in store.

At 13.45 we all went to visit West side comprehensive school. We went for a tour around the school led by some of the most prominent students. They were all very accommodating to us, and the visit was quite informative. For they are an enclave of Great Brittian they also follow the same school system. I did not fully understand their system because of its complexity but not the matter, the visit was fun.

Today’s big happening did actually not turn out to be the school visit, but instead something else took presidency.

The DAMN weather did not smile upon us for a single second today. The splendid weather we expected in Gibraltar or as the students calls it, Gib turned its other cheek at us. When returning home to the boat we were almost struck down by the wind and the spiking rain. When trying to cross the Gibraltar airport we had to lean almost 45 degrees to not be blown away. When we finally arrived back at the boat all of us were dripping wet and none of us were happy. The wind is still raging across the sky and makes it impossible for us to leave as planned at 7 a clock this evening. Instead, we are stuck in La Linea harbour one more night.

The students at the school said they had almost never seen such winds before. When hearing this I started wondering if I would rather be here in Gibraltar, or in Sweden with their April snow. Who knows what would be to prefer?

Evelina Olsson


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