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Goodbye Spain, it's been nice knowing you!

Today we took our last step on Spanish soil for this trip. We sat sail at half past ten in the morning for the Portugese capital, Lisabon.

It's a nice but also strange feeling that this will be our last sealeg for one and a half years. That in less then two weeks, we will be standing on Swedish ground, hugging our dear ones. That we soon won't be on Gunilla for a long time. But for me that's almost a good thing, I have been on this boat for four months now, I worked all summer, and it's starting to get on my nerves. I may like the boatlife, but sometimes it can be too much. And I think a lot of people here can agree with me, even those peasents which have only been here for two months.

This trip have maybe been shorter than our last one and in less exotic places, but I think that it were better in a lot of ways. The mainpart that makes a good trip is the mood on the people onboard. And since we have known eachother for a longer time now, the mood on the boat is much better then it was before. Everyone hangs and talks with everyone, a thing that was rare last trip.

I said earlier that it was a nice but strange feeling to go out on the sea again, for a couple of my classmates that feeling were probably mostly annoing and awful. For as the waves start coming, the food in the stomach starts leaving. I didn't know that you could learn so much about the human body from being on Gunilla, for example how much food one can fit inside a stomach.

But oh well, enough with all this biology crap, that's for the science nerds (social studies for life). Now I'm just going to enjoy this wonderful lessonfree day, thank you for reeding and maybe I'll write another blog for you soon (I won't).

Good day, morning or afternoon whenever you now read this, and greetings from

Jon Myrne Widfors, Midships


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