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Good food and spa night

It's Tuesday the 17th of September and I'm writing my first blog for this trip, but that’s not the only significant thing that's happened today. First of all, it's Julia's birthday and second of all, we had a spa night!

Today started off at 11am with lunch, since I´m in the 12-4 watch. The day watch contained nothing out of the ordinary. We trimmed the sails, did maintenance work and kept everything going on deck. A pretty boring watch you might think? Wrong! By the time we found out that we were going to get mud cake at the 3 o´clock break, we all lit up. The mud cake was garnished with whipped cream and raspberries and it was delicious! When our watch was eating, everything was calm and organized but the second that the free watches entered the small mess, chaos began. Imagine thirty, sugar craving teenagers trying to reach the same piece of mud cake, everybody at once. I guess that you can visualize.

When dinner time got closer, it came to our attention that tacos was going to be served. Tacos is one of my, as well as undoubtedly 90 % of the population´s, favorite foods. Just like the mud cake, dinner was amazing and I can guarantee you that all of us went into a food coma afterwards. I think that I speak for everyone when I say that I think Julia has great taste in food and that she made excellent choices for her birthday.

As I mentioned earlier, we also had a spa night! The crew took over the watch from 7pm to 9pm and gave us students the opportunity to spend some more time together with the other watches that we don´t see as often. We were all dressed in our pyjamas and had facemasks on while watching Grease and eating popcorn. It was a super cozy and fun activity and now we´ve definitely got glowing skin.

Tilda “Pogge” Prgomet, Starboard watch


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