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Today we visit a gospel church here in St Georges.

At 9 o’clock the service at church started. The priest welcomed us friendly infront of the whole church. Then the singing started. There was a choir and a powerpoint so we all could sing together. Everybody sang loud and strong so there was a very high volym in there. The songs were about God and christian messages. The people in the church were very well dressed. They had beautiful dresses and jewelry, the boys had costume or shirts. After the singing that lasted for about 40 minutes the priest started missionary about Jesus and Christianity. That lasted for about one and a half hour. It was hard for us to stay awake and listen to the whole thing. He talked very fast and passionated with a pretty strong accent, so it was hard to understand him.

After the visit at the gospel courts Midskepp had to return back to the boat because it was their work day in the harbor. It was a hot and hard but they did their best like always.

At dinner we had guests! Mr Frank Mr Mandoo come to T/S Gunilla and ate together whit us. They are two Grenadians that our teacher knows. When we all had eaten, Mr Frank and Mr Mandoo had a little lecturer fo us about Grenada. We could ask them about our school producents and they gave us really god material for our reports about society. It was very nice meeting them and to have some variety here on the boat.

Elsa B


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