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Graves and Picnic in the park

Bom día everyone!

Today was my third free day in this city. We arrived in Lisbon on Tuesday morning which was a quite a nice feeling after eight days of sailing.

Today I went into town with my two friends Clara and Josefin. We wanted to see as much of the city as we could, but not by taking the bus. We decided to travel by foot. We did take the tram once though, the tram with the number 28. It was fun and we got to see a lot. Lisbon truly is a city where you walk a lot. You can of course take the bus or tram, but it’s nicer to walk and you get to experience the city more. (Even though you could get horrible bruises on your feet) It’s worth it.

We walked up to a fascinating cemetery, with graves that actually were small church-looking “houses”, mostly family graves. Every grave- “house” contained about four to ten chests. It was super interesting to see.

After the graveyard, we kept walking around, this time looking for a supermarket. Our plan was to buy small foods and fruit so that we could have a picnic, and after going in to two or three small and funny smelling minimarkets, we decided to use google maps to find a good one. Eventually we succeeded and found a big supermarket. We bought tiny yoghurts, chips, juice, chocolate, fruit and some kind of buns. The perfect collection of food for a picnic. After buying everything we went to a really nice park that Clara had visited this summer when she was in Lisbon with her dad. It was a cozy picnic and the weather was really nice as well, with sun and about 25 degrees.

The day as a whole was fun, and it’s nice to spend the free time we get just hanging out in the city or having a picnic, not running around all the time. Running around like a maniac trying to see everything can be fun as well but I think it’s important to rest from that sometimes. Especially when you can do so while having a picnic in the sun, in the beautiful city of Lisbon.

Sandra, Portside


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