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Greetings from the new chef 

Hello everybody home in Sweden! I'm your new 3rd chef in the kitchen, what can I get you? Ha ha, no really I have been so much in the kitchen now that know where every single piece of food exists, also the real chefs always jokes about how I have been promoted their new chef.

So this sea trip, which began in Bermuda and will end in the Azores, has been very long and repetitive. Not just because I have been in the kitchen almost everyday, but also because we have not seen land in like 12 days straight! I can see how the "boat psychosis", as we call it, grows on most of the people here. You can tell by how they start to get irritated really quickly from just small stuff like when someone asks "Can you repeat?", when they didn't hear.

But for me it's been really fun actually! By that I mean the sea trip of course, not the pissed of people! Well, to be honest, it is pretty entertaining to listen to them too, hehe!

Jokes aside now, sailing this trip has been just wonderful! Our watch leader Adam and Leo, the officer of the watch, was really nice too. They are amazing teachers and extremely fun to talk to! And you can't forget about Adam's mustache, but sadly it is nothing, compared in size, to Leo's. It even grows down his chin!

But now I have been writing for a while and I am starting to get really tired so I need to get some sleep. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Have a wonderful day!

I'm out, peace.

Max Gjerde, Midship


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