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Finally we are here in the tropic ,beautiful St George, Grenada.

When I woke up today I was told that we where anchored outside of a stunning Grenada. Yesterday we saw land but today we actually saw land for real, it was a powerful feeling seeing all the colourful houses climbing up the forest covered island, especially after being alone on atsea for about sixteen days.

But sadly me and my watch was stuck on the boat all day as the others got to discover the city. The crew was really kind to us though, so instead of all of us having watch all day only four had it at a time, we did it in shifts. Mostly because this was the last day before a lot of our school assignment was supposed to be turned in. I was all done after one hour though. So I chilled at deck, read a book and took in the feeling of having free time for once. Sure, we had four hours of
free time everyday at sea but mostly we slept it through so this was the first time in a while I could realax a bit. It was really nice, I actually didn’t mind not being allowed to leave the boat.

After an amazing dinner some of us started to play a board game. It’s called ”What am I”, and is a kind of charades. It was crazy fun and we laughed our heads off. When the others that had been on land today came home they told us all the good places we have to go to tomorrow so I’m quite exited now, it’s going to be really fun. We are thinking about going to the Seven Sisters Waterfalls that we heard are supposed to be really beautiful.

Love, Norah Bengters SaB 1922


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