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Halfway there!

We’re on the way to Belize with a strong breeze in the sails and courage in our hearts. Everyone has finally settled in to the life on sea and settled in to the hard labour onboard t/s Gunilla. Three more days at sea and our hard work will finally be paid off when we arrive at another gorgeous port on the Caribbean ocean, namely, Belize.

Personally the seasickness has not been such a pest this leg. I only felt a bit ill the first hours at sea but after that everything went back to normal which I’m very thankful for because seasickness is indeed one of the most painful things you can experience.

Speaking of painful things, today me and my boatmates tarred the rig which took a hard hit on all of us, one of us even emptied their stomach in their bucket of tar because of, at the moment, unknown reasons. We even missed our “trefika” leaving us a bit pissed off and in the doldrums.

Our spirits did not fail us though and now we’re back up and running. The life onboard t/s Gunilla is not only painful and dull though. There is joy and excitement to it as well. Especially on the night watches when the moonshine is at it’s brightest and the stars are extremely visible, it is just something magical which no words can truly describe.

I hope Sweden is just as magical as the life onboard t/s Gunilla but I doubt it.


Jakob, Port board


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