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Today was Halloween. We visited a museum with some kids from Spain and walked around town with them. We also walked around town on our own and visited some shops and then came back for some fun Halloween festivities.

Our Halloween started in the rain on deck. After a long night of thunder lit skies, we were ready to start the day. On this terrible morning we were going to a maritime museum to meet some students from a different school. There was so much rain, we could barely walk outside without getting drenched in the heavy pouring water. We took some pictures with different famous places in Barcelona and sent them to be judged by our teacher in terms of funniness. My group did not win. After the photo competition we showed the students to our boat. Kalle, the chef, had prepared some tomato soup for us and the Catalonians.

The Spanish kids were soon on their way and we were free to do what ever we felt like. I myself decided to go to some second-hand stores with a few other kids. There was mostly NFL* shirts with old logos. I found two good looking shirts which I bought, and we went to the next store. We looked through some stores, but they were too expensive for second-hand, so we went to fill up on snacks since we are leaving for Ajaccio tomorrow.

We had received some Halloween groups and we were supposed to do a group costume together. We started looking through stores for ideas but came up with a blank. The event management group made our eating space into a more Halloween themed restaurant. After some dinner everybody got dressed up. We had ABBA, some construction workers, ghostbusters, Chefs and a group dressing up as the other people in their group.

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