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Halloween and Barcelona is around the corner

Today, like any other day at sea, we were forced out of bed to start our watch shift at 8 am. Our watch is fortunate enough to experience the sunrise every morning as we clean the boat. We’re not as lucky during the night shift. The sun sets right before our watch begins.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen with Nína. We had a great time. Usually it’s pretty lonesome at night in the ”byssa”, but this watch we danced and had company from our friends. Plus we ate strawberry cream as a midnight snack.

At todays shift between 8am and 12 am we were brasing the sails and did other work stuff on the boat. By 11am the sun was right above us shining brightly. It got warm very quickly. But still it was nice with the wind blowing and the view was amazing, though after standing watch for four hours the endless sea isn’t as breathtaking as it first seemed.

In the afternoon we had English and chemistry. After 2 hours of lessions, me and my roommates decorated our room with some halloween stuff that we got from the students from SA1720 (thanks for that). No doubt we have the best decorated room around here. We also got our schedule for the days in Barcelona, I am very exited to arrive and spend some time in Barcelona.


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