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Hans shows us how to jump.

We got woken up at 7am to eat breakfast and then start our shift at 8am to work until 12pm. We started with setting the sails to see if there was enough wind to
sail but it was not windy enough so we had to take them down again and keep going by engine.

After that we brasst sails, which means we turned the rig so you can get the wind from different directions. We did that so it would be easier to set the sails later in the day. After that we had to “kvaila” (put the rops in cirkels to hang up) all of the rops and we had a contest on who could do it the fastest between Ida and our ... Jens against everyone else and they won. Then we had some time over so we climbed in the rig and then the clock was 12 and it was time to get off shift and eat lunch.

After lunch it was time for our first lesson ombord. First we had english and at the end of the lesson the captain told us that after the lesson we were going to stop the boat to swim in the ocean. Since this was the first time we got to swim from the boat everyone was very excited and quickly changed into swimming suits. We went up to the deck and our captain Hans told us how to swim safe and then he started walking to where we jump into the water and showed us how to jump and then climb up the ladder.

After swimming it was time to have our second lesson, mathematics.
Now it´s 7pm and we have hade some free time and in one hour it´s time to start our last shift for the day. We don´t know exactly what we are going to do other then cleaning the batrooms and the livingroom “stora mässen”, and then at 12am we are finely going to sleep.

Emma Enocsson NAB2023


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