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Happy valentine’s day!

I remember that I woke up, removed my bedcurtain and felt very happy.

Or maybe happy is a strong word to use, but I felt happier then I usually do at seven AM. I said god morning to my roommates and went to eat breakfast. Even though I felt happier then I usually do, I didn’t eat any breakfast. I’m not a big fan of breakfast so I drank a glass of water and looked forward to the day.

It was a normal day, a though. Nothing special, except for the fact that I was a little bit happier than I usually am. The I suddenly remembered, IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY! I looked around and said, happy valentine’s day to the three persons spotted in the area. I now understood why I woke up so happy; I love valentine’s day.

When I think about valentine’s day I think of the color red. Maybe because my beloved favorite football team is red colored, go Liverpool! But I guess that I mostly think about red because it’s the color of love. So once again I looked around but, this time with a confused face. I didn’t see any red, the only things that I saw was blue water and a lot of friends. For one moment, I thought about painting them all red but then I got an even better idea. Let’s skip the red part this valentine and instead just show each other more love than ever before.

This became very easy because we have the best DOS in the whole wide world. At seven PM today’s schedule said “Love bombing”! We ate a wonderful chocolate cake, some chips and of course, to stay a little bit healthy, we drank water. Then we all grabbed a white paper, wrote our names, and started love bombing each other. We wrote compliments and nice things on each other’s papers and had a very good time. In the end, everyone had a paper full of compliments and a happy face.

Then, after a long and nice day I finally went to bed. But just before a fell asleep I did two things. I read my paper full of nice compliments and, I closed my bedcurtain. I woke up happy and I fell asleep even happier. Happy valentine’s day everyone<33

William Andreasson, starboard


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