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Like always when we are in port we woke up at 07:00. After some breakfast and putting up we was ready for harbourwatch. The other watches left Gunilla and walked to visit a boy and a girlschool. I saw them leave from the highest yard while i was sealing wax.

The weather here on Grenada is really weird. It´s really hot, mabye 30 degrees. 95% of the day the sun is shining but somethimes the rain comes and stays in like five minutes. Then the sun comes again and the work starts like always. After the lunch we got a big fooddelivery, 55 persons eats alot. We packed in all the food in different boxes and compartments. The fridge got filled with sallad, and the storeroom with eggs. At the same minute we were done with putting in the food the other watches came back with girls from the girlschool. We gave the girls some traditional swedish fika, cinnamon buns and “kärleksmums”. The girls really liked the fika. We also showed them Gunilla and they were really impressed. Its really funny to show other persons ower amazing tallship. When the girls left it was back to work for our watch. We started to clean wich we always does every day. We clean the small and big mess, the studentsarea, toilets and the command. For some weeks ago when we cleaned for the first time it took like two and a half hour, but after cleaning for 17 days over the atlantic we have developed and cleans everything in a hour. There was also a big boat that neded our place in the harbour so we moved to the other side of the harbour. The quay was too low so we need to take our little boat called Berit so we can go on land. For dinner we had a bbq at deck wich was really nice. It´s been a really good day.

Moa Engstrom Portwatch


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