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Heading to Malaga, with course towards Africa

Today was a day like every other, but at the same time unique. We woke up, had breakfast and then it was time for watch. It’s clear that life on board is starting to get the best of us. People are tired, and sometimes there are small clashes in the watch. Though, I must say I never thought we’d manage this good. My watch is better than ever, and we’re really starting to not only work, but think as a team.

We’ve only sailed for two days, but we’re already half way to Malaga. Our average speed is just above seven knots, and the boat is almost constantly tilting. Our course is surprisingly enough not towards Spain, but Africa. This is not as strange as it sounds, since we, due to our high speed, may arrive too early to Malaga. To avoid this, we’re taking a longer route. While at sea, it’s hard to tell one day apart from the next one. Sometimes I’m not ever sure if it’s night or day, since every watch has its own daily rhythm. However, one learns to appreciate small things. Like today, for example, we had a very pleasant watch. Of course, there was some hard work. We sat some sails, did some cleaning and climbed the rig, but we had some fun as well. On our night watch, we played a game where we had different rolls as different animals. The point was to make the right sound and movement to the right animal. It might sound silly, but it was fun. At the end of the same watch, our watch leader sung; “Möte I monsunen”, and after a while the captain joined in with his guitar. We all enjoyed it, and it was one of those moments when life was at it’s best.

In our watch we tend to write songs for the watch change. We’re probably at our forth or sixth now, but its just as fun as it was when we started making them six weeks ago. Talking about time, I can’t believe how fast time has flown. In only two weeks’ time, we’ll be back home in a school bench again, whishing we were here.

Amanda Jägersvärd – Midskepps


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