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Headsail and chocolate cake

The humid air made it hard to see more than 10 meters away from Gunilla, giving the illusion of the world vaporizing into small, small particles flying free in the air.

The day started with pancakes, fried eggs and bacon, since it was Sunday. We in starboard had watch and the main assignment was to raise the headsail, which took more or less the entire day. To do that we had to climb in the rig. It was the first time out on the yard for me and it was really scary, because I´m scared of heights. We also cleaned the housing and checked out if the 6 hour suits were dry and if any of them were missing.

The weather was nice but in the afternoon, the whole town got covered in fog. The fog was so thick we couldn´t see the Gibraltar cliff, La Línea or the other side of the bay from the harbor where Gunilla was. The other science students went to Gibraltar to do a beach excursion for biology. From what we heard from the other students, the water was a lot colder than in Cádiz and the part of the town where they did the excursion was quite boring. At the 3 o´clock snack, we got chocolate cake with cream and it was delicious.

Now some of us are watching pirates of the Caribbeans, some of us are doing homework and some of us are still watching the boat.

It´s been a good day, even though I had to stand on a rope about ten meters up in the air.

Ylva, starboard


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