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Heave away, haul away!..

The day started at the middle of the night, as 00- 04 watch, we made about 8 knots and the sky was dark by the rainclouds.

It was fun standing as helmsman, as always, but a bit cold getting the wind in the back as standing look out.

We went to bed after the watch, not a minute to late! At the morning, I happily remembered that lunch combined breakfast we would have. I showered, then watch again.

The first we saw walking over the deck, except the great weather, was the city of Landskrona, but also the Turning Torso on the horizon. The watch included setting the sails, and dowse them down again. We also had a bit of a hitch school. Four hours later todays watch ended and we passed the bridge of Öresund and many of us climbed to the top to get some pictures.

I sat on the roof of the galley, calling home, and watching another trainee ship pass by. Suddenly a small dovehawk sat down for a second about 4 meters away, but lifted and flied away again. Poor bird I hope it found its way back to land again (pore hens if it did).

We did some school assignments, and then I sat editing for mine to be travel movie, let’s hope it will become a masterpiece. Extremely tired I went to bed. By the way, today we got potatogratin and meat/ fried parsnip and carrots. It was great.

Have the best!

Kyra Jonsson, Starboard


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