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Heellooo again

Now we have nearly crossed the Atlantic Ocean. It has been very hard but also very fun. I can´t believe that we have already been on the ocean for 15 days. I miss the ground and the shops. I even miss seeing other big boats that, when we were closer to land, came floating around close to us.

. It is scary to think that if someone on this ship gets seriously ill, no one except one person can help. We don´t even have all the necessary medical equipment to save someone in all cases of emergencies. I also miss having access to internet. It is scary that we don´t know what is happening around the world, though in some ways it is kind of nice too.

I like to be on the ocean because I don´t have to be worried about the world around me. It is just me and the boat. Of course I miss my family, who doesn’t? But I don´t have a problem with swinging around the world on a ship without them. Soon we will be in Grenada. I am excited because I have a feeling that Grenada will be very beautiful. It is amazing to think that one and a half months of our journey has already passed. My journey has been amazing in many ways. I love to see the sun set, it is one of the best things with this journey. I love how the sun makes the sky and the ocean look like the rebirth of a phoenix. It´s so beautiful to see the dolphins playing close to the boat when the ocean looks so clear and bright. It´s when I see things like this I know how lucky I am to experience something like this when I´m only 16.

Adishka Tari


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