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Hello blog!

Today we started our trip over the atlantic ocean!

Haha just kidding, we are stuck in Cape Verte, we are waiting on one persons who is sick and are at the hospital. But anyway, today I woke up at 7am as usual and ate breakfast. After that I went out with my squad and we went to the beach and took a swim in the ocean. At noon portside had watch, I wore in the galley. We served lunch, made chocolate balls and listened to Bob Marley, my favorite music. At 4 pm our watch was over. All of us gathered on deck and had a big meeting as we have once a week.

The captain told us that we’re not leaving until tomorrow and that no one is allowed to go in to town, everyone has to to stay at the boat. So now I don’t know what to do for the rest of the day, except writing this blog. I what to shower but the water is running out so I can’t.

Lots of love //

Christmas-ia Firemountain (Jul-ia Brandberg)


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