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Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog, one and a half years to be exact.

As you probably already know we're in Progreso, Mexico. And as you probably also know there is a pandemi spreading across the world. Covid 19 it's called and we can't not get affected by it. So far there has been some complications whenever we´ve been arriving to a new destination. Today we got the information that the virus will cause some complications to our last destination, home. Trump has closed the borders for European flights, which leaves us wondering how we will get home. Some of us are thinking that we may have to sail Gunilla back to Sweden ourselves. But yet we don´t know what will happen and there’s no need to speculate further into that. When Anne-li and the crew know something they will let us know, and we will get home somehow, that´s for sure. Hopefully before graduation ;).

Some of us thinks that it would be pretty fun to sail her home, and some of us thinks it would be a nightmare. Besides all the corona drama we had a free day in Merida. It was pretty much as most cities that depends on tourism. A lot of small shops filled with magnets and shotglasses, in the beginning of the day we went to the maya museum. It was exciting, according to the mayan horoscope I'm apparently a woodpecker. Afterwards me and Emilia went for some food and ate a wonderful mayan guacamole, it was filled with loads of mango and some goat cheese. The guacamole were supposed to be an appetizer but we were full after sharing one. Unfortunately it was to late because we had already ordered one main course each, when we were done we were fuller than a scared blowfish. For real tough, we couldn´t move for atleast an hour.

After hours of melting the food and walking around we met up some others from our class, it was time for tattoos. I didn´t do any but Emilia and Elvira did a sunflower as a friendship tatoo. Besides from them there were like eight others that did tattoos. The day couldn´t have ended better, Andreas and Walter stood in the corridor with speedos decorated with gears. They chased Zeb and he screamed for his life, it brought out a lot of laughs below deck.

After all, corona or not, we're having fun, people are crazy but crazyfun, and you never have to be alone. I really appreciate that, that you constantly can be around people, it makes me happy, Gunilla makes me happy. And now, one and a half year after the latest English blog onboard I will make my last.

Hope that the corona virus hasn´t knocked on your door, and if it has, you probably will be fine.

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