Öckerö gymnasium

Hello everyone back home!

Today it is the fourth of November. My day started off by waking up right before midnight since I´ve got the guard from 12 to 4.

It was my turn to be on Post today and I started by standing watch up on the so called Backen. It is always very scary to be on the Backen at night, because sometimes you can feel like someone else is there as well, like someone is watching you, but of course there is no one there. But both me and three friends have heard strange noises and voices there at night. So maybe, just maybe Gunilla is haunted…

But other than that the 12 to 4 guard is actually very cozy. You can almost always see phosphorescence, more or less, in the water. One night at the sea leg between Lisbon and Malaga the waves where flushing up in on the boat and the deck was almost covered in phosphorescence! Tonight it was not that much phosphorescence but it was still very beautiful.

Next time I woke up was right in time for lunch. After that it was time to stand guard again, but this time I was not Post. I got to climb up in the Mesan mast to take in the Mesan sail. The rig was very sticky of tarry and it was not a very good idea to wear a white t-shirt...

When the clock started closing in to 4 pm we found an injured little bird. I took it up in my hands and it seemed to feel safe so it putted its head under its wing and fell asleep. I handed it over to a friend to go and get a little cardboard box, but by the time I got back it was already dead.

Anna Rönbeck


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