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Hello everyone reading this blog!

Today is the first day of our second voyage. It has been a bit chaotic today, even though it’s kind of in a good way.

This morning was our last one spent at home for two whole months. Today at 7:30 all of us students of SA1619 went onboard our dearest T/S Gunilla. The feeling of being on the ship once again after all these months was to be frank very weird. It felt like home, which is strange considering that the last week of our voyage in December, the only thing I wanted was to go home. To my real home.

It’s difficult to describe the feeling of being on this ship, on these trips in general. Anyway, getting used to being onboard was not half as hard as last time. It seems like most of the students agrees with me. Which is good, because being homesick takes a lot of energy, and makes it hard to think of both tasks onboard and stuff you do on your spare time as something fun. Hopefully, in a while, everyone will be in a good mood.

I’m glad that it feels this good to be back and I look forward to this trip.

All my love,

Sandra, Portside.


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