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Hello from Biscaya!

Today me and my friends in the Midship watch woke up at 03.30, we heard that the weather was cold and rainy.

Therefore, we all put on several layers of clothes, so that we would keep warm the whole watch. All the clothing layers weren’t necessary though, we worked hard the whole watch with setting sails which is a very physical job. I like it. We´re on watch from 4-8 which means that we get to see both the sunset and the sun dawn. It´s my favourite watch and on top of that we have the best officer and watch leader, Oskar and Harry! After the watch, at 8, we had breakfast. That´s when our day peaked because we had yoghurt! (And not the homemade one)

As usual me and Alice was trying to be effective and study after our watch, but as usual, that didn’t work out very well today either. But to be honest we are a bit tired after working, studying and not sleeping for more than 6 hours a day. So, our planned study time ended up with a 3-hour nap, but I think that we were worth that.

I hope that you are all feeling well out there. Here´s all good, except a little seasickness and tiredness. The day ended up with planning for tomorrows big prank! But I think you are going to hear more about that in the next blogs.

Midship watch, Julia


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