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Hello from Lübeck!

Today is the 26th of August which means that my watch, midship, has had work to do all day long since the line-up at 07:55 this morning.

Alicia and Julia went up in one mast each the first thing this morning. They went up to lubricate the backstay runners with a cream. They got down hauled from the top of the rig in what we call båtsmansstol, which looks like a swing. You start to lubricate from the top and the lower down you get the lower down you get down hauled.

Me and the other Julia were their deck support which means that we were the ones who were in charge of the rope that held them up. Basically, we were in charge of their lives. It went good though. Around ten I jumped in our captain Hans's rent car and drove to Lidls freezer were we’ve kept all of our frozen products since our freezer broke a few days ago. We freighted in all of the supplies in the cars and drove back to the boat were the whole watch were ready to carry everything down to the chief Pontus who re-organised our now working freezer.

After lunch Julia were about to climb up in the mesan mast again but unfortunately she got a real bad sun stroke and had to rest. To work in the rig a day like this, when its 30 degrees is actually really hard, you have to drink tons of water, resorb and eat well to be able to work up there for so many hours. Julia got fine after Kikki, our medical, gave her juice, resorb and water but I took her job in the mesan mast instead. It was kinda tricky to get in the rig chair but once I got there it was very fun, except that you had no one to talk to other than the deck service who down hauled me.

When I came down from the rig it was time to clean. We clean every single day, that's necessary when we live 55 people in such a small area. It prevents bacterias from spreading. Many of us are already sick, in my watch pretty much everyone has a cold. But when we are on Gunilla there is basically no time to feel it. I do kind of like that though, because we either eat, work, have assignments to do or explore new cities around the world. I truly feel so thankful for all the experiences we get during these trips.

Lübeck has been so nice, we've been exploring the city containing beautiful houses and streets. I think that pretty much everyone has been to Hamburg as well. It takes about 45 minutes to get there with train, we were there yesterday and had so much fun. We hired vois (electric bikes) and went on our own sightseeing. We watched sailboats, went to the opera house and shopped at the main street. Now I have to go on night watch with Alicia, so that it's safe for our friends that are asleep.

Elsa Gjertsson, midship


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