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Hello mates!

For the last few hours, we have only sailed around in circles. This is because a cruise ship took our place in the port last night. It may sound boring to sail in circles, but an unexpected visit made it all a little more fun.

For me who goes 12-4 guard, the day started at 11.00. The day started with brunch. After the meal it was time for guard. Up on deck we were met by beautiful green nature and mountains that stretched over fluffy clouds.

During the shift, we had full focus on various maintenance work, including working in the front mast. After about two hours of working, it was time for a Swedish fika. To my surprise, they served ice cream together with the normal bread. The “fika” ended after a while and then it was time to return to work. Thanks to the galley rats that served ice cream we had a lot of energy to continue working.

The guard began to draw to a close and the clock began to approach four. Then we got a unexpected visit. It was a turtle that came swimming next to the boat. We all ran up to the quarterdeck to look at our new friend that had come to visit. So even though it wasn’t great to go around in circles, it was worth it. For who would not have wanted the company of a turtle.

The day ended with us finally arriving to El Hierro which meant being able to go to berth.

Agnes Dahlberg



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