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There is less than a week until we are home and it is with mixed emotions I am writing this.

These have been two of the best months in my life and I would like to stay for another two months or restart from August if it was possible. That is not possible and everyone else wants to go home. I do not want to go home. There is a lot that will be fun and I look forward to meet everyone when I’m home. I am also aware that within two weeks I will start missing the traveling. Within two weeks I will be wanting to be at Gunilla again.

I will get angry with the leaves not wanting to stay on the trees, I will get angry with the snow slush for not being rain or snow. I will get angry with my hands for not wanting to stay warm when I bicycle to school.

There are as much reasons to stay at Gunilla as there are to leave.

I do not want to be woken in the middle of the night, neither to always be aware of the time. I do not want to poo with the shame of closing the door as fast as I can when I get out, hoping that nobody saw that it was me leaving the stank. I do not want to argue with my friends about who thrown whose shoe in the storage where we keep vacuum machines.

I cannot decide if I don’t want to go home or if I wish to not stay here any longer. These two months have given me the opportunity to learn how to live in the moment. I find this hard and my conclusion is that the more you try to stay in the moment, the faster the moment will pass. So, don’t stay in the moment. Or do, but be aware that the time will pass fast.

Malena, midships


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