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Hello Sweden!

Today was a pretty uneventful but ordinary day at the sea. Everybody had their guard and we were very tired.

Our days consists of sleeping, eating and working on the ship. Some people were still sea sick this morning but now most are feeling good again. Some of us saw dolphins swimming by the side of the ship, and of course we took pictures of them.

When we were getting closer to the Gibraltar pass, we starting seeing more ships. For example military and lots of cargo ships. The weather consisted of lots of wind and fog, but fortunetly no rain. For lunch we had carrot and ginger soup and since it was pastas' day we had curry chicken with pasta for dinner. It was really good and in my opinion, the best dinner so far.

This night, the captain told us we will pass through the Gibraltar pass and enter the Meditereannean sea around 2 O'clock. It will be nice since the sea will most likely be much calmer and not as rough as the Atlantic sea. I will probably stay up to be a part of the moment when we pass through the Gibraltar pass.

I hope all of you home have it as good as we have it here onboard Gunilla.

By: Petter


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