Öckerö gymnasium

Hello Swedish people in Sweden (and others)!

It feels like we have been here for years. I really don't want to write this but I will do it anyway because they are forcing me.

So let me tell you all about the day. The day started of not having a delicious breakfast like yesterday with the bacon and eggs. Instead we got oatmeal, yummy in my tummy.

After the breakfast we nearly died, not even kidding. You might think I am overreacting but really NO. We went up to climb up the mast, to take away and fold the sails neatly, as training for when we sail later on. It was very high, it might not seem so high when you stand safe on the ground but it is. Even though we have a safety harness, it’s still scary because you don’t feel like you have it on you.

When we were done with the climbing the people in starboard and midships had the day off, meanwhile Port was working on the boat and learning more about the ship. Some students went to Taghazuot, a small village that’s known for its long empty beaches where you can surf. Other students went to the beach nearby to do interviews. Along the beach there are many restaurants, which means free Wi-Fi. Therefor many students went on and contacted their loved ones. I can also add that the weather was nice even though I was inside and slept all day.

And we all lived happily ever after.

Kerstin Lundqvist, Starboard


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