Öckerö gymnasium

Hello there!

Still on our way to Mexico, still on a windy sea in company with a lot of rain. Today my watch, Starboard, went to work at 4 pm in the morning.

It is for sure a lot of difference from less than a week ago when we were in the paradise of Belize. From bikini to UNDERSTÄLL. But I really like it here on the boat as well I must say. Although I sometimes get really frustrated at the big waves and the constant challenge to holding the balance.

Today after the work on deck and after lunch we had lessons even though it is a Sunday. We worked on our many subjects, both in groups and on our one. After that we watched some movie in the stora mässen, our livingroom/studieroom. And thereafter at 4am, it was time to go to work again. Besides the usual selingwork we also went through some security routines. What to do if there would be a man over board.

A normal day on T/S Gunilla on other hand. Whoever who reads this, I hope you have had a more exciting day than me where ever you are and what ever you do.

Best wishes from Starboard


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