Öckerö gymnasium

Hello to everyone following our journey around the Caribbean.

Today was the hottest and most humid day on this trip so far and in the shadow it reached 30 degrees celsius. You can just imagine how hot it was in the sun!

The heat made work really hard today so because of that I spent most of my watch in the shadow, drinking water and just surviving. Later on that day our watch leader took the decision to put up a saltwater shower on deck so we could all cool down. Everyone in my watch, especially I, really appreciated what she did. Another of this day’s highlight was the ”tre-fika” where the kitchen personel served a delicious rhubarb and raspberry-pie with vanilla sauce.

On Sundays we don't usually have any lessons onboard and instead we have a security practice with the whole crew. For some reason todays security practice was cancelled and we had a lesson with our nurse Mats instead. He held a quick recap of all the medical things we learnt in the Basic Safety course that we took before our first trip with Gunilla. It was a really interesting lesson which refresh our mind on the subject because it was almost two and a half years ago we took the Basic Safety course.

I hope you have a good time at home and that its not snowing too much in Sweden.

Nicole Larsson Gonzalez


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