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Hello world!

Another day at sea. Nothing but water until the horizon.

Every day looks pretty much the same. Since we ́ve been out for 4 days now everyone have had a chance to adapt to the new routine. My group is now working from midnight to 4 am which is hard to adapt to in the beginning but right now everybody seems pretty fine with it. And for those who are not, the eventful watches kind of forces them to stay awake. The wind is pretty strong and right now we are using 10 of 19 sails, which means we are moving fast. But unlike home when it ́s windy, nobody here complains about the strong winds, it ́s the right opposeite. The only complains that you might hear onboard about the weather, is if the winds are bad.

Today is Filip's birthday which means the whole crew gets mud cake for coffee break. Onboard birthdays are very popular since you get to choose food during your birthday. Since everybody always wishes for something sweet for coffee break, all the crew can enjoy one's birthday.

Sara Raisse Midship


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